The Great Georgia Air Show


This past weekend I went to the Great Georgia Airshow. WOW it was amazing! Tons of pilots performing tricks, helicopters, WWII planes and the Blue Angels!

Everyone has seen these planes in pictures but until you see them in person and up close you can’t even imagine how amazing these machines are. The noise they make will shake you to the core!

airshow1 airshow2 airshow3 airshow4

All in all I think we all had a great time! Will definitely do it again!


Just for fun this week I have decided to start streaming my normal game sessions. Why? Well it’s more of something to do because I love playing with the software and hardware. It’s not about trying to get attention or thousands of viewers, even though that would be an awesome experience.

Everything is streamed using Open Broadcaster Software. It is very easy to use for recording and streaming. I have used it before to record most of my YouTube videos too.

With that being said, of course I enjoy making some graphics for the stream. Here are the first few graphics I’ve thrown together for transitions and “breaks” during the stream.


Info Panel

Of course I’ll plan on updating and adding to this if it keeps going. I do enjoy this kind of stuff in my personal time.

When in session you can watch @

Stock images from, Image IDs: 140828680 & 110852534

Website Security 101

Well the last year has been crazy. Half of my client sites were effected by the Revolution Slider vulnerability. Open Realty was also hacked. Brute force login attempts to WordPress admin has been constant, at times enough to crash the whole server.

But now I think all of this is behind me.
I have added iThemes Security plugin to all WordPress installs. This software is very nice to both auto secure the big things and alert you to what could be tighter in the medium and small things.

Two features really stand out to me in this plugin: brute force protection and active file monitoring.

The brute force protection will ban anyone trying to login in two ways. First is normal three strikes and you are out. Second is any IP address attempting to log in as admin is immediately banned. This is great! I have always left the default WordPress install user as “admin” for years! This is a huge flaw and the easiest for the bots to exploit. Recently I removed the default username and added my own with a stronger password. IMMEDIATELY the server is faster; using less resources and cutting down notification emails.

Active file monitoring is done by alerting me via daily mail of any file changes. This is very useful when trying to find a script that is making files in hidden places, then that file executing to send spam email. HUGE HEADACHE!

Do you have any security tips for WordPress? Let me know!

Yes, More Blocks

After a few months we decided to re-kick the Minecraft server. Got everybody back on, and here we are again. I just wanted to post a few screens of the wife and mine’s house. It’s more elaborate than our last house and it has a little bit of electricity! Enjoy, and if you would like to play on my server, just let me know and I’ll send you the server info.

Just One More Block

So, how’s everybody been? Well I’ve been great! Life with the wife is better than anyone told me it was going to be and so is my work.

But I’m here to talk about something I hope everyone else will check out too! It’s Minecraft.

CrossedBlades Cassel

It's a Castle!

I’m not going to write a whole review of the game, there’s way too much to cover. But I wanted to post a few pictures from my multiplayer server of what we have built this past week. The first one is this castle one of our players built. It took the guy a week!


The Wife's House in Minecraft

The Wife's House

This is the first game my wife loves to play. Of course Minecraft is a game almost anyone will pick up! Here’s a shot of my wife’s first house, complete with a back fence and animals. Yes the animals are used for food, except the sheep, they are made to get wool from and make beds, paintings or other decorations.

Minecraft is $20 and you should at least try it (the free demo is available too). I have a server that I welcome anyone to! The rules are set to Survival mode only, the goal is to stock up on all our armor and extras and actually beat the game, and of course build some amazing structures.

I plan on posting some screenshots of the buildings from my server that other people have built too. If you would like to join us our IP is “”

If you are unable to connect using that address just contact me and I’ll send you the direct IP address in an email.

3D Countdown

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to give a quick preview of something I’ve been working on the last few weeks. I’ll have an article on how I made it after I publish it on SermonSpice, but I still have a few weeks to go. So here is a first look at what I’m doing. It’s my first attempt at a 3D countdown. I think it will do great in sales!

Every Media Person Needs Screenflick

UPDATE: All this is old info. I now recommend Open Broadcaster


Part of my job is to get short videos together for the broadcast or the services or whatever else needs to be done in the studio. These videos always need to be in the highest quality possible too. So where might I get videos? This is the hard part: DVDs, YouTube, Vimeo, iChat or Skype, the list goes on forever! How do I keep all these videos in near-original quality? Screenflick.

Now, if I asked 20 people how they would get the videos off of the places I mentioned earlier, I would get 40 different answers! But which one of their answers would have been the same program for everything? Well, that’s why I was lucky a few years ago to find Screenflick! Screenflick is a good program that captures your screen. Sure, there are a dozen other screen capturing utilities out there also. But why did I go with Screenflick? That was a hard decision!


  • Up to 60fps recording
  • Records System Audio and Mic-in
  • Record multiple screens
  • Record only portions of the screen
  • Records in the “Animation” codec, which is amazing!
  • Exports your video to any codec from within the application!

I only listed a few of the features I love in the application. There are tons more to make Screenflick worth the price!

@nickvegas CrossProcess iPhone App Review

I’m not much of a photographer. And I will rarely take pictures much less also then post them somewhere. So naturally I will not be the guy with any kind of picture editing application on my iPhone.

However, (and that is a BIG “however”) I am one of those people who likes almost everything Nick Campbell, aka “Gorilla” does. Also I was needing something to play with on my new iPhone 4 to see how good the pictures really are. Therefore I remembered seeing the CrossProcess App.

App: “CrossProcess”


Price: $0.99

For the price this app is one of those good deals. It could easily be selling for $1.99 or $1.99! But it is simple and easy to use. I can’t explain what it does better than just showing you some of the test pictures I have taken.

Loading Screen

Options Page

Options Page

Office Supplies

Summer behind a fan