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Comp 1

Yes, I Ryan Farmer, do take your hand in marriage…. After Effects.

If you have ever worked in After Effects, you will totally agree with that statement above! But here the past few months me and after effects, well me… I’m just getting to know more about it!. I invested in a few nice presets, plug-ins and random stuff.

Ohhhh... Neon

Ohhhh... Neon

And this is just my first post of a little something I have been working on. I will probably do this more as I already have a library of cool new things. And have already made a little side money doing some animations for a few churches and friends. So, here is just a little preview of some of my future comps. If you only see a black box, click on it twice for it to play again. (On mac it automatically will loop but on PC is stops for some reason)