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So, how’s everybody been? Well I’ve been great! Life with the wife is better than anyone told me it was going to be and so is my work.

But I’m here to talk about something I hope everyone else will check out too! It’s Minecraft.

CrossedBlades Cassel

It's a Castle!

I’m not going to write a whole review of the game, there’s way too much to cover. But I wanted to post a few pictures from my multiplayer server of what we have built this past week. The first one is this castle one of our players built. It took the guy a week!


The Wife's House in Minecraft

The Wife's House

This is the first game my wife loves to play. Of course Minecraft is a game almost anyone will pick up! Here’s a shot of my wife’s first house, complete with a back fence and animals. Yes the animals are used for food, except the sheep, they are made to get wool from and make beds, paintings or other decorations.

Minecraft is $20 and you should at least try it (the free demo is available too). I have a server that I welcome anyone to! The rules are set to Survival mode only, the goal is to stock up on all our armor and extras and actually beat the game, and of course build some amazing structures.

I plan on posting some screenshots of the buildings from my server that other people have built too. If you would like to join us our IP is “mc.blogryan.net”

If you are unable to connect using that address just contact me and I’ll send you the direct IP address in an email.

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