Pro Video Tips: Demystifying HD Part 1

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There are several aspects to high definition video (HD). There are multiple possible frame rates, frame sizes, in both interlace and progressive formats. In addition, its become industry “practice” to use general terminology that’s less than precise. This and the next couple articles are devoted to demystifying basic aspects of HD including: • The basic standards and variations. • What … Read More

Cinema 4D Global Illumination Lighting Presets

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In my so far… short… experience with Cinema 4D, I have found that one of the hardest things to do for a scene is to light it properly. So I discovered the Advanced render module and Global Illumination. This made lighting more realistic, and easier. But, it adds sometimes HOURS to the render time. But it is usually worth it. … Read More

Valentine Heart Video

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I decided to quickly come up with a nice Valentines day animation that to sell on (only $5). Chris helped me greatly, and this still took about 4 days to make. And now I give it to readers. Hope you enjoy this! (Read More…)

CTV is back!

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That’s right! The CTV crew is back to work, storyboarding and coming up with wholesome entertainment for all the children of North GA! Got any ideas? Send us a message or just comment here!

Multiwinia on my Dock

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Every mac person immediately knows I am referring to a shortcut on my dock to an application somewhere on my computer. I just read the title and imagine everybody else wondering how I am on a dock? What is Multiwinia? And what is it doing on a dock? If you are not a gamer, or not interested in the subject … Read More