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@nickvegas CrossProcess iPhone App Review

I’m not much of a photographer. And I will rarely take pictures much less also then post them somewhere. So naturally I will not be the guy with any kind of picture editing application on my iPhone.

However, (and that is a BIG “however”) I am one of those people who likes almost everything Nick Campbell, aka “Gorilla” does. Also I was needing something to play with on my new iPhone 4 to see how good the pictures really are. Therefore I remembered seeing the CrossProcess App.

App: “CrossProcess”

Website: http://www.crossprocessapp.com/

Price: $0.99

For the price this app is one of those good deals. It could easily be selling for $1.99 or $1.99! But it is simple and easy to use. I can’t explain what it does better than just showing you some of the test pictures I have taken.

Loading Screen

Options Page

Options Page

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