CTV is back!

CTV Whiteout Graphic

That’s right! The CTV crew is back to work, storyboarding and coming up with wholesome entertainment for all the children of North GA!

Got any ideas?

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2 thoughts on “CTV is back!

  1. Steven wright

    Hey Ryan, I cant wait to get started back with CTV. i myself just got a macbook pro and im starting to mess with the programs. anyways i like this graphic a lot, and i cant wait to get back on with the CTV CREW!

    1. Ryan Farmer

      Yep, I can’t wait for camp! And hopefully there will be some really good video this year. The only thing is that I might cannot work camp this year. But hopefully I will. But anyways, I’ll be sending some good graphics and stuff either way! Thanks for liking the graphic!
      U should tell your friends about BlogRyan, especially about the $10 iTunes giveaway!

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