My iMac Mini

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iMac Mini

Hopefully the search engines will pick the title up very nicely.
I don’t really have an Apple product called “iMac Mini” even if that is a nice name.
What I actually have is an iPad with dock and wireless bluetooth keyboard!

This seriously feels like an iMac, but smaller. I constantly reach for the mouse or trackpad that doesn’t exist!

So I guess I will throw in my few comments with the pile of other iPad comments. First of all, I literally just got my iPad and the accessories I am using. So I will probably give my opinions a few months down the road on what I think after using the device for a while.
And here are my first thoughts:


It is literally too easy to use! I mean, I have used the iPhone OS for almost three years this June, and the iPad really is just a BIG and faster iPod Touch (and way way faster iPhone!). But, that shouldn’t make you not want it any less. In fact, I am beginning to think just the opposite! With this device, I don’t need an iPod Touch or iPhone. I would probably now be just fine with a regular cheap phone. However, I am very use to having a constant internet connection, so things like instant email or browsing the web or whatever else I am use top doing on the iPhone would have to stop or be replaced somehow. Yes, right now I only have the WiFi iPad and not the 3G version. I have two reasons for that: to avoid the temptation of activating the $30/month cellular fee and the other….. a slightly geekier one…. to have the iPad a few weeks sooner. But, also I didn’t have to spend the extra $129 for the extra connectivity. My next thing I would replace since I have iPad, is my laptop. I currently own the 2.8 Ghz Unibody MacBook Pro. Now why do I need a laptop when I have the iPad? My roommate, Chris, and I were talking about this the other day, but if you have an iPad that can do all your mobile browsing and typing and everything on the go, why even have a laptop? So I am considering selling my brand new laptop, and getting a cheaper and just as powerful small iMac desktop! Now, I don’t know about you, but the sound of $1200 difference in the price and money in the bank instead sounds pretty good to me! So please, leave your comments and let me know what you think about that one!

So I will leave this as a short post. But I will put stuff about the iPad and how I use it in posts often in the coming weeks!

By the way, this whole post was written directly on the iPad in the WordPress app. So those of you who think it is hard to type on the iPad, you should actually try it yourself.

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