3D Countdown

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick preview of something I’ve been working on the last few weeks. I’ll have an article on how I made it after I publish it on SermonSpice, but I still have a few weeks to go. So here is a first look at what I’m doing. It’s my first attempt at a … Read More

The Making of Motion 2010 #C4D #Ps #Ai

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This piece of work is one of my favorites. For one thing, I love doing media for Youth Camp…. especially for my very own youth camp in North Georgia. I was very (surprised) honored when my friend Phillip Medlin down in Atlanta called me that night and asked if I could do some animating on a logo the state office … Read More

Setting Up My Mac

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You get home from the computer store, hastily open the box and plastic and endless twistie-ties, and turn on your new computer! Now what? Well, for me this is a BIG process. I have the Adobe Suite to install, Final Cut Studio, Cinema 4D, and countless other small applications to set up along with updates galore for all! But I … Read More

MoGraph: What I Discovered this Week

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Update: By the way, the posts here are a month or so planned and written in advance. So, just to let you know, since the posting of this I have been in MoGraph A LOT! So, just to spark your interest, the head banner and footer of this site as of right now were done in MoGraph (and 5 hours … Read More