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About the July/August 2010 Header

I hope you like the header for July/August!

I’m just going to list some info on where it came from.

It may look a little familiar to some people. It was inspired by the Discovery Channel’s re-brand they did a few months ago. Then Nick Campbell over at greyscalegorilla.com picked it up and tried to replicate it the re-brand. So I went off of that and made a cool header graphic.

Also, the words in the header and the glass composite was also based on things from greyscalegorilla.com

Hope you enjoyed it and I might make all the files available soon for download to accompany the tutorials they were based on!


July/August 2010 Header

The Making of Motion 2010 #C4D #Ps #Ai

This piece of work is one of my favorites. For one thing, I love doing media for Youth Camp…. especially for my very own youth camp in North Georgia. I was very (surprised) honored when my friend Phillip Medlin down in Atlanta called me that night and asked if I could do some animating on a logo the state office had gotten designed. So here is that back story. Hope everyone in GA enjoys. I’ll try to keep it not-so-much technical and more realistic…. I mean short.

So here is the original design I was sent….

Original Motion Camp Logo

Original Motion Camp Logo

I had to keep the original design as much as I can. So that is no problem. I actually do like the swirl in the back.

So the first thing I had to do is to separate the swirl from the rest of the picture. Easy enough since both sides are identical and one side doesn’t have anything meshing with it. Then I just had to guess the font. Being on a mac this was kinda hard to do. However, I thought to myself, “This was probably done on a windows.” So, my first guess was the default font for Windows XP…. Arial!

My next step was to trace the paths of the swirl and export it to Illustrator. From there I finally was able to get into my program of choice, Cinema4D.

After editing the spline points, extruding and adding text (also extruding) and a few other polishing tasks I had a wire-frame draft of the 3D version of the logo.

Basic Wireframe

Basic Wire-frame

You would think the hard part was done, but this hour of work was only the beginning! What did I have left to do? Well, since this wasn’t just a still logo reconditioning, I had some animating to do. You would think that a 5-10 second animation wouldn’t be that much work for just a few objects. But believe me, I only got the basic animation how it was going to be after about 4 days of work.

So, after a few more days of getting the materials (colors) on everything and adding a little glass here is the final product and a few of the stills we used for print and other places.

Hope you enjoyed this first look into my workflow. And if you have a flat logo you would like me to work on, I am still young and cheap. Let me know if you have anything you want turned into a good graphic or animation!




Frame_0094- Yes, it is actual glass

Next Week, I will unveil the concepts the client didn’t like. But the draft renders might inspire mine or your next project!

HINT: Cloth

Setting Up My Mac

You get home from the computer store, hastily open the box and plastic and endless twistie-ties, and turn on your new computer! Now what?

Well, for me this is a BIG process. I have the Adobe Suite to install, Final Cut Studio, Cinema 4D, and countless other small applications to set up along with updates galore for all! But I get all this done in around 3 hours or less. How do I do it?

The answer is kinda simple and right to the point: an external hard drive.

You may be thinking now about Time Machine or Carbon Copy or some other backup system, but I’m not talking about this at all. Ok, maybe for my user folders and iTunes library and preferences (what DropBox and MobileMe don’t sync) I use Time Machine, but I’m talking about something even bigger! I’m talking about all my applications!

I keep a 500GB hard drive with all my CDs and DVDs as digital images. These are a combination of DMGs, .toast images and .iso images. So the logic behind this crazy theory is just this: I hate optical drives cause they are slow and the media is prone to scratches. So let’s convert them all to images and store them on an external HD.

As a result, the difference in install time from a FireWire 800 connection compared to a CD/DVD drive connection is SEVERAL hours, if not days, when the transfer load is about 200GB.


  • Made DVD/CD images with Roxio Toast
  • They mount with Disk Image Mounter if Toast isn’t installed
  • I also install Windows 7 on another partition and use the same process to install everything
  • On another note, I also partition part of my HD right off with a backup of the operating install disk.

How we Made the Header Graphic (#C4D)

We hash out a new header graphic for the site every few months. So, here is the most current one in full res:

Full Image (Click to see full render)

Full Image (Click to see full render)

So, how did we make this graphic? It’s actually pretty easy!

The scene is a greeble type, and we made it with inspiration from a tutorial HERE.

Our C4D File Download

And also here is an even bigger render (it’s my desktop background) and without the words:

Even BIGGER Render

Even BIGGER Render

Thanks and be sure to reTweet and share this with your C4D friends!

MoGraph: What I Discovered this Week

Update: By the way, the posts here are a month or so planned and written in advance. So, just to let you know, since the posting of this I have been in MoGraph A LOT! So, just to spark your interest, the head banner and footer of this site as of right now were done in MoGraph (and 5 hours of rendering) and I am recording the tutorial on how to reproduce the same thing right now! The post will be up this Friday! So be sure to reTweet this and come back Friday, and Subscribe!

Well, I will still say that I am VERY new to Cinema 4D. I am constantly amazed at it’s power and features every day!

So this week I was looking at what else C4D can do, and I found the module called MoGraph. This is the system that adds real-ish physics and density. Like I said, I am still new at this whole application, so I know there are TONS of other things MoGraph can do, but this is just showing my initial projects I played around with.

This is just a short video with me playing around in MoGraph. No frills, but a nice ending to make it not so boring.

Anyways, for you who like this, or want to see how it works, or just want this as  a starting point for your own dominoes video, here are the source files, and the non-YouTube video file for you to enjoy!

Remember to right click and “Save As”

Cinema 4D Source File


And if you have any input, comments, or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

And feel free to share this with anyone!

Cinema 4D Global Illumination Lighting Presets

In my so far… short… experience with Cinema 4D, I have found that one of the hardest things to do for a scene is to light it properly. So I discovered the Advanced render module and Global Illumination. This made lighting more realistic, and easier. But, it adds sometimes HOURS to the render time. But it is usually worth it.

But, there are always people out there who will make things easier for you…. (Please don’t take this in all ways)

For example, the guy over at Hello Luxx has provided everyone with some amazing GI presets!

So, I have copied the download here. And below are some screenshots of a basic cube with cut outs using the presets… Amazing!

GI Presets Screenshots


3D Church Model: Update 2

Well, after a few more days of working, we have a few more things finished, and being worked on. We now have more options and un-decided design questions than we had before.

Foyer? Yes. Balcony? Yes. Chairs or Pews? Chairs.

How to get to the balcony? What shape is the foyer? Backstage? Sound booth placement? Type of ceiling? Light placement? What is the stage layout? Projectors? What goes on the walls? How high should the walls be? Even have an outside? Parking lot and lights?

Yeah, I stopped there. I’m keeping these updates/previews short. So, on to the current screenshots.

Basic Finished Sanctuary

Basic Finished Sanctuary

Another of Chris' Light Structures, with actual lenses in the cans.

Another of Chris' Light Structures, with actual lenses in the cans.

3D Church Model: Update 1

Well, I guess this is the intro to my newest project. My room mate Chris and I were at cheap tacos night and talking about what we have always wanted to do- design a church! We were talking about how we would deck it out with the coolest, modern style everything, and it hit us…. We should get some good experience in Cinema 4D with modeling structures, and also do something we have always wanted to do! So, this week we have made a good start on this MASSIVE project: Modeling a semi-realistic 3D Church!

So… I have decided to keep my readers informed on our progress. I’ll be posting a small article¬†every so often on our progress and some screenshots. Also, we would like ideas on what else we should put in our church model. I might be able to include some polls to get some accurate results for decisions. So please leave feedback on what you like and what you don’t!

We also intend to have this project on SermonSpice.com for sale with some good things in it! Maybe a “Welcome to Church” countdown, or a looping background? We are still brainstorming how we could actually use this for the actual ministry. If you have any ideas, let us know! If we use your idea, there will probably be some $$ coming your way!

So anyways, after a whole day of work, We got a few things finished/almost-finished:

Stage and Stairs

Stage and Stairs

Glass Door into Sanctuary

Glass Door into Sanctuary

Light Bar- and Chris' unique attention to detail

Light Bar- and Chris' unique attention to detail

Valentine Heart Video

Heart Video

Heart Video

I have posted this as an animation loop and the source files on the Subscriber’s site.

It includes this nice graphic, I can send it to you at any resolution that you would like, the full loop video, and the C4D source project file. Oh yeah, and the illustrator file to make the heart!

I decided to quickly come up with a nice Valentines day animation that to sell on SermonSpice.com (only $5). Chris helped me greatly, and this still took about 4 days to make. And now I give it to BlogRyan.net readers. Hope you enjoy this!

I’ll also have a tutorial on how I made this soon, I am still trying to piece together how I am going to do the tutorials in the future. I have to get all my branding materials together before I can start the whole recording/edit/distribute process.

Let me know what you think in the comments!