Valentine Heart Video

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Heart Video

Heart Video

I have posted this as an animation loop and the source files on the Subscriber’s site.

It includes this nice graphic, I can send it to you at any resolution that you would like, the full loop video, and the C4D source project file. Oh yeah, and the illustrator file to make the heart!

I decided to quickly come up with a nice Valentines day animation that to sell on (only $5). Chris helped me greatly, and this still took about 4 days to make. And now I give it to readers. Hope you enjoy this!

I’ll also have a tutorial on how I made this soon, I am still trying to piece together how I am going to do the tutorials in the future. I have to get all my branding materials together before I can start the whole recording/edit/distribute process.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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