iPhone 4 vs. iMac from 2000

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2000 iMac Operating System – Mac OS 9.0.4 Processor – 500 MHz PowerPC G3 CPU, 128MB Memory Graphics – ATI Rage 128 Pro, 8MB of memory (8 million triangles) Screen – 786K pixels Data Transfer Speeds – 1.3-12.5 MB/s (DVD-ROM-1/100 Ethernet) Storage – 30GB Hard Drive Dimensions – 15.0 x 15.0 x 17.1 inches Weight – 34.7 pounds 2010 iPhone 4 Operating … Read More

The Making of Motion 2010 #C4D #Ps #Ai

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This piece of work is one of my favorites. For one thing, I love doing media for Youth Camp…. especially for my very own youth camp in North Georgia. I was very (surprised) honored when my friend Phillip Medlin down in Atlanta called me that night and asked if I could do some animating on a logo the state office … Read More

Basic Intro to Global Illumination

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A while back when I was just starting to get into the 3D scene, and trying to get good looking renders from my application, I had a hard time getting started. I had no idea what I was doing, and rendering was no exception. My preferred application (right now) is Cinema 4D R11.5 from Maxon. Getting images and sequences out … Read More

My iMac Mini

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Hopefully the search engines will pick the title up very nicely. I don’t really have an Apple product called “iMac Mini” even if that is a nice name. What I actually have is an iPad with dock and wireless bluetooth keyboard! This seriously feels like an iMac, but smaller. I constantly reach for the mouse or trackpad that doesn’t exist! … Read More

Setting Up My Mac

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You get home from the computer store, hastily open the box and plastic and endless twistie-ties, and turn on your new computer! Now what? Well, for me this is a BIG process. I have the Adobe Suite to install, Final Cut Studio, Cinema 4D, and countless other small applications to set up along with updates galore for all! But I … Read More

An Overview of HDR Photography

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Photography has been possessed by a new sensation in the past couple of years known as HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. You’ll be wondering what this is and why photographers, both professionals and amateurs are so crazed by it. I’ll try explaining it as briefly as I can. Photography in the past twenty or so years has progressed … Read More

Pro Video Tips: Demystifying HD Part 2

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(I had to reSchedule the “How we made the Header Graphic” post till next week. Not done with the video tutorial) The term high definition today refers to formats that have more resolution than standard definition (SD) video. In this context, when we discuss resolution its meant to describe how many scan lines (horizontal rows of picture information) make up … Read More

MoGraph: What I Discovered this Week

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Update: By the way, the posts here are a month or so planned and written in advance. So, just to let you know, since the posting of this I have been in MoGraph A LOT! So, just to spark your interest, the head banner and footer of this site as of right now were done in MoGraph (and 5 hours … Read More